CONDITION BASED MAINTENANCE is a strategy for maintenance based in the diagnosis, avoiding systematic task decided for period of time or counters (hours, km, etc.). CONDITION BASED MAINTENANCE  is the key for a reduction of cost and a increase of availability


MAINTENANCE in refineries and in the petrochemical industry
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RENOVETEC thermographic inspection has made a high voltage substation truck belonging to a system of power plant generation. The review has INCLUSIVE thermographic inspection principial and auxiliary transformers, busbars, booths and all medium voltage substation elements of weather.


RENOVETEC has conducted vibration analysis of rotating equipment for a major power plant concida Spanish. The vibration spectrum analysis was performed with a computer-DCX DLI equipped with accelerometers rosettes. The analysis included the steam turbine, generator, feedwater pumps high pressure pumps, condensate pumps and tower fans Refrigeration. During the visit several faults have been detected in gestation, whose solution right now is cheap and can be programmed, for failing to carry out the inspection, would have ended in a major breakdowns, high cost and plant shutdown.

Carried out the inspection RENOVETEC annual boroscopic steam turbine located in the company SIEMENS ATLANTIC COPPER


Like other years, the technical staff carried out the inspection RENOVETEC annual boroscopic steam turbine SIEMENS located in the cogeneration plant that the company ATLANTIC COPPER has its plant in Huelva.

RENOVETEC is one of the few Spanish companies that can carry out inspections gs Boroscope in turbines, steam turbines, gas engines and heat exchangers.

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RENOVETEC thermographic inspection has been made of a combustion boiler belonging to a coal plant. The inspection has identified a point Seire improvement, once corrected will allow increased 2% boiler efficiency, nearly 1000 MW of thermal power. With the reduction of these losses will be achieved savings of more than € 2 million a year in fuel consumption. The cost of all repairs to be made in the thermographic inspection identified barely 100,000 euros.

RENOVETEC cogeneration teaches a course in Andorra

RENOVETEC has taught a course in Cogeneration Plants FEDA company, electric company of Andorra. Throughout the course we have analyzed the operating principles, the main components d Euna cogeneration plant and has analyzed the economic feasibility of a cogeneration plant and the dependent variables

The simulator RENOVETEC cogeneration plant is now fully completed

RENOVETEC has completed a new thermal power plant simulator. This new simulator configured with gas turbine and steam turbine with heat extraction process, is an essential tool for operator training and for the analysis of operating parameters of a cogeneration plant with this configuration.

Download here the presentation of the simulator RENOVETEC

RENOVETEC launch next month of simulator cogeneration plants with gas engines, which attempt to replicate the behavior of this type of plant. As before, the simulator will serve for training operators and for the analysis of parameters

RENOVETEC is studying the feasibility of a cogeneration plant with steel gas

RENOVETEC is conducting preliminary economic study to analyze the feasibility of a cogeneration plant with gas engines, which burn lean gas from a steelmaking process. This gas, rich in CO, can continue its oxidation in a gas engine providing virtually free energy that could supply not only electricity consumption of the mill but would export part of the energy generated.


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Biomass thermoelectric plants

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New Book RENOVETEC dedicated to power plants that produce energy from biomass.

A highly technical and practical book that analyzes the main equipment on biomass plants, their problems, the available options ..

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The new book RENOVETEC dedicated to the development of maintenance plan contains a complete solar thermal study on preventive maintenance in a solar thermal power plant and ways to address it.

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MAINTENANCE ENGINEERING, a practical handbook designed for the head of an industrial plant.

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