Planning of implementation of RCM3

As any other project that get launched to the industrial field, a process of RCM3 who wishes to be successful must be meticulously planned. This implies defining a set of objectives, define the scope, define certain milestone and assign a set of resources. This second chapter is precisely devoted to the planning of the process as key to its success. 

Planning the implementation RCM3 means:

  • Define the scope, meaning, to which equipment, subsystems, systems and areas the methodology RCM3 is going to be applied. Although this methodology was initially thought to be implied in the whole installation, RCM3 can be applied only in a section. It is recommended to carry out a pilot trial in order to clarify what RCM3 involves. The definition of scope also implies defining the depth level used with what the study is going to be approached.
  • Define the resources which are going to be used, which mainly are a human team able enough to carry out the process and, occasionally, counselling external companies if required. 
  • Define the sequence used to study the different types included in the scope.
  • Set deadlines, exact dates, when each milestones have to be completed.
  • Appoint a launching meeting with everyone involved.
  • A well-planned work can get wrong. A bad-planned work is little possible to turn out achieving its goals in the accurate deadlines and with reasonable expenses; it is even doubtful that it could achieve any objective.  

This article is an excerpt of Guide 4th: Guide for the implantation of RCM3 on installations. 

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