Undoubtedly, the development of new technologies has significantly marked the current industrial world. In recent years, the mechanical industry has been under the determining influence of electronics, automation and telecommunications, requiring more staff training, not only from the machinery operation point of view, but from the industrial maintenance point of view.

The industrial reality clarified by the enormous need to effectively and efficiently exploit the machinery installed and elevate to higher levels of maintenance activity. We do not remediate with great solutions anything that presupposes designs, innovations, and recovery technologies if we do not maintain with high availability our industry.

That is, the industry has to be distinguished by correct operation and efficient maintenance. In other words, the proper operation and appropriate maintenance are critical pathways to care what you have.


Biomass thermoelectric plants

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New Book RENOVETEC dedicated to power plants that produce energy from biomass.

A highly technical and practical book that analyzes the main equipment on biomass plants, their problems, the available options ..

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The new book RENOVETEC dedicated to the development of maintenance plan contains a complete solar thermal study on preventive maintenance in a solar thermal power plant and ways to address it.

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MAINTENANCE ENGINEERING, a practical handbook designed for the head of an industrial plant.

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