Preventive Measures

Once the failure modes are determinate, in other words, every cause which provokes failures, it is necessary to eliminate them, but with an expense according to its criticality. 

The following step in the implementation of RCM in an industrial plant is the determination of taking preventive measures in order to avoid the potential failures which an installation can present. 

It is very important to bear a transcendental point in mind: the measures taken need to have an economical and technical link with the failure intended to avoid, so it is nonsense to take a high-cost measure for a tolerable failure, and instead, it would be nonsense in a critical failure to limit to visual inspections when deeper measures in economy could imply the potential failure to be avoided.

The preventive measure that can be carried out belong to six categories:

  • Implementation of improvements and modifications of the installation, which will always be the first option.
  • Modification of operation instructions, when the modifications do not give a satisfactory result to avoid the failure from occurring.
  • Modifications of maintenance instructions, in case the previous step does not give a satisfactory result to prevent the failure from occurring.
  • Carrying out programmed maintenance tasks, just in case the previous step does not give a satisfactory result to prevent the failure from occurring.
  • Adoption of measures to mitigate the effects of failures, when there is a possibility of the failure occurring.
  • Replacement of spare parts, only if absolutely necessary.

This article is an excerpt of Guide 4th: Guide for the implantation of RCM3 on installations. 

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