RCM3® is a software developed by IRIM to carry out the process of implementation of RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance) in an efficient and practical way. RCM3 allows the application of every part of the process which form RCM in a methodological and orderly way. RCM3 is consonant with the SAE JA 1011 rule, which established what types of methodologies could be considered RCM. 

RCM3® licence can be separately acquired or be acquired for free as a member of IRIM

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RCM o Reliability Centre Maintenance is other technique inside the possibilities of elaborating a maintenance plan in an industrial installation and it presents some important advantages over other techniques. Initially, it was developed for the aircraft industry, where accurate result for air navigation security were not obtained. Subsequently, it was moved to the military field and later on to the industrial field, after verifying excellent results obtained in the aircraft industry.

The essential objective of the implementation of RCM in an industrial plant is to rise the reliability of the installation, thus, decrease the stoppage time of the plant because of unexpected failures that hinder achieving the production plans. The secondary objectives but important as well are increase availability, meaning, the proportion of time when the plant is available for produce, and at the same time decrease the expenses of maintenance. The analysis of the potential failures of an industrial installation according to this methodology provides a set of results:

  • It improves the comprehension of the equipment functioning.
  • It analyses every possibility of failure in a system and it develops mechanisms to avoid them, either produced by intrinsic causes of the equipment or staff acts.
  • It determines a series of actions that allows guarantee a high availability of the plant.

The stages of a RCM process are the following:

  • Decomposition of the plant in areas, systems, subsystems and equipment.
  • Determination of each specification of them.
  • Determination of specific functions and general functions for each item.
  • Determination of specific and general failures.
  • Determination of first and second level failure modes.
  • Analysis of the criticality of each failure mode.

The main purpose of the RCM process is to determine the main modifications to be carried out in order to avoid critical and significant failures, the maintenance plan to be applied in the installation, the list of spare parts, the operation and maintenance procedures that are necessary to be created and the measures to be implemented in case of failure.

RCM3® thus becomes the best possible tool to apply RCM methodology in any type of facilities.

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