The Hierarchy Tree of Assets

Once the relevant indicators willing to be improve are defined, the following step is to organise the items that form a plant, grouping them by its function or geographical localisation, or even by both criteria.  

Taxonomy is the science which studies principles, methods and purposes of classification. The concepts of taxonomy applied to installations allow the classification of assets of an installation to group them into superior hierarchies. This shows a structured view of every asset that form a plant, and thanks to that, a better control of them. The ISO 14224 rule gives a set of guideline for structuring the assets of an installation, and which are suitable with what presented in this chapter.

Related to the implied of the RCM methodology, this classification allows the structuring of how the study is going to be carried out, generally starting by the lower hierarchy levels (equipment) and ending up with the higher ones (areas and even the plant as a whole).

This article is an excerpt of Guide 4th: Guide for the implantation of RCM3 on installations. 

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